The Osprey Linear range provides airport and highways operators with a practical and economic solution for rubber and paint removal.

Linear vs. Lateral – what’s the difference?

Jetting Systems are the only manufacturer worldwide that can impartially offer airport authorities and contractors either lateral or linear rubber removal systems and without bias explain the pros and cons or each method.

LI 750

LI 750

Designed for less frequent operations, the LI 750 offers a cleaning width up to 750mm and can either be tractor-towed or skid-mounted.

LI 1000

LI 1000

Capable of cleaning speeds up to 2000 m2/hr, the LI 1000 is designed specifically for smaller airports.

LI 1500

LI 1500

With a forward cleaning speed of 2500 m2/hr, the LI1500 features URACA’s up-rated P3-70 ultra-high pressure pump.

LI 1800

LI 1800

Our largest linear model to date, the LI 1800 offers a class-beating cleaning rate up to 4000 m2/hr.

LI 750LI 1000LI 1500LI 1800
Number of cleaning heads24
Removal width200 mm - 750 mm200 mm - 1000 mm300 mm - 2200 mm300 mm - 2200 mm
Performance1000 - 1700 m2/hr1000 - 2000 m2/hr1000 - 2500 m2/hr1000 - 4000 m2/hr
Rotation methodHydraulic
ControlCab mounted control
Deployment methodHydraulic lift
Set-up / evacuation time1 min / 1 min
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LI 750LI 1000LI 1500LI 1800
Manufacturern/aMAN, Volvo, Mercedes, Scania
Modeln/aSubject to country
Axle configurationn/a6 x 2 (4)6 x 2 (4)8 x 2 (4)

The modular design of the Osprey makes it possible to fit to a wide range of chassis option, depending on your required water and debris tank capacities.

Weights and dimensions (approx.)

LI 750LI 1000LI 1500LI 1800
Gross weight6000 kg33000 kg
Front axlen/a9000 kg
Rear axlesn/a26000 kg
Length6.4 m11 m12 m13 m
Width2.54 m2.548 m
Height3.4 m3.8 m

Auxiliary Engine

LI 750LI 1000LI 1500LI 1800
ManufacturerPerkinsVolvo Penta
Maximum power160 kW265 kW
Operating speed1800 rpm
Emission ratingTier III (or as required)

The Perkins 160kW unit combines high reliability with low running costs, whilst the Volvo engines provide higher power ratings within a small and reliable unit. Alternatively, should a Tier 4 or 5 auxiliary engine be required, or if higher water and debris tank capacities are needed, we can supply an OMSI Split Shaft Power Take-Off drive. This allows a maximum power of 480kW and an operating speed of 1,350 rpm.

Speed reduction system

LI 750LI 1000LI 1500LI 1800
Speed rangen/a200 - 6000 m/hr

Unlike other systems, Osprey also offers hydrostatic speed reduction, dependant on your specific application. The Omsi PCH split shaft gearbox enables a hydrostatic forward and reverse drive in conjunction with the pump and vacuum system drive. The Omsi RPM 15 is used where a hydrostatic forward / reverse drive is preferred in conjunction with an auxilary engine.

Ultra-high pressure pump

LI 750LI 1000LI 1500LI 1800
ModelKD 724 Triplex DesignP3-70 Triplex Design
Power inputFlexible direct drive
Maximum water flow31 l/min32 l/min42 l/min47 l/min
Typical operating pressure2500 - 2800 bar
Maximum water pressure3000 bar2800 bar

The KD724 reciprocating pump is a highly efficient unit, with low energy consumption and minimal wear.

Over-pressure protection

LI 750LI 1000LI 1500LI 1800
TypeMSSV overflow and relief valve
Relief pressureSet at 10% above final operating pressure

The URACA over-pressure protection relieves at 10% over set working pressure, ensuring that in the event of a blockage no damage to the pump occurs.

Inlet water supply system

LI 750LI 1000LI 1500LI 1800
Maximum flow capability202 l/min203 l/min204 l/min
Maximum delivery pressure7 bar8 bar9 bar
MaterialStainless steel
Filter typeTwin bag element
Filtration1st stage: 10 micron, 2nd stage: 1 micron

The twin stage and long-life filter minimises the risk of damage and wear to the jetting head.

Drive systems

LI 750LI 1000LI 1500LI 1800
Forward driveTow vehicleTruck engineLD
Ultra-high pressure pumpAuxilary engineD
Debris recovery systemAuxilary engineD
Rotary cleaning headAuxiliary engineH
Cleaning assembly raisePower packH
Debris tank tipPower packH
Debris door locksPower packH
Debris door openPower packH

By minimising the number of continuously active hydraulic systems, Osprey reduces the possibility of oil leakage. We also offer the option of main engine Power Take-Off depending on your requirements.

Key:  LD – Via low ratio gearbox, D – Direct drive, H – Hydraulic


LI 750LI 1000LI 1500LI 1800
Clean water supply tank
Nominal capacity4500 l8000 l
Design3 compartment modular, fitted with internal baffles to reduce water movement and hence improve vehicle handling.
MaterialPolypropylene304 stainless steel
Wall thickness5 mm4 mm
Anti-corrosion protectionn/aAdditional pickle and passivation treatment to all areas
Inlet connectionCountry specific
Drain connection2 x 50 mm4 x 50 mm
High level controlOverflow
Low level controlAutomatic shut-down
Debris tank
Nominal capacity5000 l10000 l
MaterialMild steel304 stainless steel
Wall thickness4 mm
Inlet fitting114 mm
Water decant100 mm pneumatically operated valve
Overflow protectionAutomatic shut-down
Fuel tank
Nominal capacityn/a300 l or as required

Fabricated around the debris tank, the clean water supply tank is fitted with internal baffles to reduce water movement and hence improve vehicle handling. Two optional bolster tanks can be fitted to provide additional capacity. Debris is collected in a cylindrical tank equipped with hydraulically operated locking clamps and rear door. Once drained, the tank can be tipped to remove the remaining rubber/paint deposits. Clean water and debris tank options are available up to 12,600 l and 15,200 l respectively.

Debris recovery vacuum system

LI 750LI 1000LI 1500LI 1800
TypePositive displacement roots type blower
DriveHigh performance belt system
ModelOmega 43 plusOmega 43 plusOmega 53 plusOmega 63 plus
Air flow28 m3/min30 m3/min40 m3/min55 m3/min

The Kaeser blower’s heavy duty roller bearings ensures an exceptionally long-service life of up to 100,000 hours. We also provide vacuum systems up to 55 m3/hr for larger tank capacities.


LI 750LI 1000LI 1500LI 1800
Cabin controls
Jetting head deployment and recovery
Water pressure control
Auxiliary engine speed and monitoring
Rubber / paint removal selection
9" colour monitor connected to front and rear-mounted cameras
External controls
Debris door locks
Debris door open / close
Debris tank tip, debris door openAll removal and cleaning operations are controlled from the cabin, allowing one operator to control the entire process.
Debris tank tip

All removal and cleaning operations are controlled from the cabin, allowing one operator to control the entire process.

Safety Systems

LI 750LI 1000LI 1500LI 1800
Safety shut down systems
Runway protection system
Engine over temperature
Engine low oil pressure
Ultra-high pressure pump low oil pressure
Low inlet water level
Low inlet water pressure
High debris tank level
Hydraulic system pressure drop
Hydraulic tank oil level drop
Debris tank overflow protection
Debris tank door hydraulics failure proection
Safety prop to enable safe access when tank inclined
Lighting: Cab mounted amber beacons Night-working lights on front, rear and in pump-house High output LED lighting on rubber removal frame

In order to prevent damage to the vehicle or its components, there are a number of safety features that will automatically stop the operation.

In addition to protecting the vehicle, Osprey features a runway protection system which monitors forward speed, stopping the high pressure pump if the speed drops and thus preventing damage to the pavement.