Using high-pressure and ultra-high pressure water jets can be a very hazardous activity for your operators.  Jetting Systems is a UK distributor for TST – one of the world’s leading suppliers of technologically advanced water jet PPE. Together, we provide the advice and products to ensure that your team remain safe.

About TST safety clothing

TST is a Swedish manufacturer of innovative CE-approved clothing and equipment that is designed to provide enhanced protection during water jetting operations whilst maintaining a high level of comfort.

Since producing their first set of water jet PPE in 1994, TST have continuously introduced innovation with technically advanced features and improved comfort for the operator.

TST uses fabrics that contain the world’s stongest fibre – Dynemma®. The video opposite shows TST’s water jet PPE under test.

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Water jet PPE for up to 3000 bar

We offer a wide range of personnel protection equipment for water jetting, water blasting, hydro demolition at high- and ultra-high pressures. Designed with comfort in mind, they protect the operator from water jets up to 3000 bar.

The modular construction allows a choice of either partial or complete foot and body protection to suit operating conditions. It is available in various sizes and pressure ratings from 500 to 3000 bar, with the option of an integrated ventilation system in all overalls.

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High-pressure cleaning and hydraulic protection up to 500 bar

For cleaning providers, we offer a range of products that deliver operator comfort and protection from high-pressure water jets.

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