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Our nozzle and head design travels transversely across the front of the vehicle. It is easy to see using the standard Bird View system and is extremely efficient at removing rubber from the bottom of the friction grooved as it moves parallel with them.

High pressure water is a potentially damaging cleaning medium and the way in which it is applied to the surface of the runway is critical to ensure effective rubber removal whilst not damaging the surface. The OSPREY is the only system in the world that uses the same Electric Servo Motors that are used in robotic applications requiring extreme accuracy. The Osprey Rubber removal robot operates with precise accuracy and repeatability what ever the temperature or humidity. It is unaffected by the number of hours run and can operate continuously without any deterioration in efficiency.


The OSPREY Rubber removal robot operates with precise accuracy and repeatability whatever the temperature or humidity. It is unaffected by the number of hours run and can operate continuously without any deterioration in efficiency.

Rubber removal rates are critical as they dictate the runway downtime. The OSPREY transverse system is unique for several reasons.

Due to the accurate Servo Motor drive system it is possible to control the head movement to within 0.5mm. Combined with the consistent forward drive speed, overlap on the left / right stroke is minimal. Other systems on the market have a less accurate control system which results in multiple overlaps and therefore a reduction in production rates.


1. OSPREY transverse rubber removal path.

See our animated Illustration

The Osprey typically operates at a forward speed of up to 600 metres per hour. With a rubber removal width of 2000mm this results in a rubber removal rate of up to 1200 square metres per hour.

This relatively slow forward speed ensures that the operator is able to maintain a minimal linear overlap.

Notice that at the edges of our cleaning path the untreated ‘diamonds’ are so small that a lateral overlap is not required. This increases the overall production rates.

2. Alternative system ‘A’ transverse rubber removal path

See our animated Illustration

Alternative systems available in the market place typically operate at a forward speed of up to 400 metres per hour. With a rubber removal width of 2000mm this results in a rubber removal rate of up to 800 square metres per hour, over 30% less productive than the OSPREY.

Notice that at the edges of the cleaning path the untreated ‘diamonds’ are significantly large enough to make a lateral overlap necessary. This decreases the overall production rates.

3. Alternative system ‘B’ forward direction only rubber removal path

See our animated Illustration

Systems that operate in a single forward direction only, utilize a cleaning head that typically measures up to 600mm in diameter. Claims have been made that a cleaning rate of 2500 square metres per hour can be achieved, but this would require a forward speed of over 4000 metres per hour (4kph!)

Systems that move forward at such a fast rate place huge strains on the operator to ensure that the overlap remains constant and that there are no areas missed.

Equally, the narrow cleaning path necessitates the vehicle to be driven over 3 times the distance of the OSPREY to cover the same surface area.


The Electro Servo motors used to drive the rubber removal head offer further advantages as a result of their smooth operation.

The left / right movement of the head does not transmit any reaction force into the drivers cabin. Coupled with the low noise levels the driver is not subjected to high levels of rocking which induce fatigue.

The smooth operation is also kind to the mechanical components of the vehicle. Failures due to constant harsh movements ARE NOT A FEATURE of the OSPREY.

Viewing our videos and competitor’s videos will highlight this point very well


The OSPREY features a super low ratio mechanical gearbox. This simple design is maintenance free and provides a fully adjustable speed control from 50 linear metres per hour up to full road speed of 100 kph. Accurate speed control is via the trucks standard Cruise Control system and the trucks original rear axle.


The OSPREYS unique rubber removal head is mounted on the front of the vehicle and may be raised in seconds for rapid evacuation from the runway. For longer journeys it is locked in position and may remain on the vehicle. No additional trailers or support vehicles are required.


The OSPREY’S rubber removal head is fitted with a combination of high quality Sapphire nozzles. The design of the head coupled with the Servo Motor Motion Control System ensures two things.

1. No shadowing. Many other types of equipment leave shadows where the rubber deposits are not removed. A quick look at competitors web sites will illustrate this.

2. Due to the action of the rotary head there is a potential for

damage at the outer edges of the rubber removal area. The OSPREY’s head design is such that this potential is completely removed. References are available from major international airports confirming this.


Another advantage of our optimized forward speed is that it ensures that there is full recovery of debris. Effective removal is only the first stage of the process. The rubber must be collected to ensure that it is not re-deposited.

The OSPREY features an extremely effective debris recovery system which is vital to the overall efficiency of the operation. Removed rubber and dirty water is recovered into a debris tank from where it may be disposed of responsibly.


The OSPREY system operates with ULTRA HIGH PRESSURE water. Whilst it is entirely possible to operate the machine with just one member of staff Jetting Systems comply with the recommendations of both the European and International Water Jetting Association guidelines and strongly recommend that a team of two people are employed. One as a driver and one as a safety back up.


The whole life costs of the OSPREY equipment are we believe, the lowest in the market. Our design philosophy follows 5 main principals

  • Lowest possible capital cost
  • Lowest possible operating costs
  • Maximum reliability
  • Ease of operation
  • Ease of repair

The result of this is a product range which is supremely effective and reliable, which suffers minimal downtime and when maintenance is required the parts are available off the shelf and at an acceptable cost.

We know that the best way of securing future sales and maintaining our growth is with satisfied users. We are pleased to provide numerous references upon request.

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