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Runway Rubber Removal

OSPREY - State of the Art

Using ultra high-pressure water and ‘state of the art’ computer control technology the OSPREY system is a self-contained truck mounted unit that requires no support vehicles and no disassembly to enable movement on the road.

It is able to continuously remove rubber deposits whilst recovering all water and debris from the runway surface and can operate for over 4 hours on a single fill of water.

The OSPREY removes rubber over a 2000mm path at an optimum speed of 600 linear metres per hour (1200 square metres per hour). Advances in our jet head, nozzle and control system design mean that these rates are increasing all the time.

This relatively slow forward speed ensures that the operator is able to maintain a minimal linear overlap. Some systems that move forward at a faster rate place huge strains on the operator trying to ensure that the overlap remains constant and that there are no areas missed.

Another advantage of our optimum speed is the assured full recovery of debris and waste. Effective removal is only the first stage of the process. The rubber must be collected to ensure that it is not re-deposited.

Maximum Productive Time on the Runway

Some airport operations dictate that there are only short windows of opportunity for rubber removal operations. The rubber removal robot, which is mounted on the front of the vehicle, can quickly be lowered and put into operation within seconds. This feature ensures maximum productive time on the runway and the minimum amount of downtime for both the runway and your cleaning vehicles.

Zero Damage to the Runway Surface

Utilizing only high-pressure water the OSPREY system does not require the addition of environmentally hazardous chemicals or expensive and damaging wire brushes. The computer control system ensures that the rubber removal head is in constant motion over the runway surface and as a result there is zero damage to the runway surface. The nozzles are arranged so as not to produce aggressive shadowing in the centre. This combination of technologies allows OSPREY to offer you exceptional cleaning at a low price and without any danger of environmental damage or costly runway resurfacing.

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