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Hydrostatic Test Pumps

URACA – Putting on the pressure

In power stations, pipeline construction, pipeline maintenance or in the chemical industry, in
the construction of sanitary, solar or heating installations – anywhere where industrial pipes and piping systems must be absolutely leak-free, their reliability is measured with pressure.

URACA – The simple solution

Every pressure test is different and that is why the solutions of our URACA engineers are as diverse as your applications. For with our extensive expertise we can adapt every test pump to your specific needs.

Pressure and flow rates can be individually set and controlled and the pressure testing progression can be clearly logged.

URACA’s hand operated hydrostatic test pumps are robust and versatile. With variable flow rates and stable tanks they are the ideal partner for mobile or stationary use in factories or on construction sites – up to a pressure range of 1,000 bar.

URACA – The power solution

Ready for universal use – electrically, hydraulically or diesel operated URACA standard test pumps are available in power ratings of up to 540 kW and pressure ranges of up to 3,000 bar. Mobile or stationary, they are ideal for testing pipes, housings, fittings and pipelines.

Individual engineering with controllable pressure for complex testing processes with test pressure logging or with different testing media is also available, along with special ATEX versions for potentially explosive atmospheres such as those found in offshore and industrial plants.

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