Specialist Provider of High-Pressure Water Jet Cleaning Systems

High Pressure Cleaning

A multitude of applications for URACA plunger pumps is found in the field of high and ultra-high pressure cleaning.

URACA designs and manufactures bare shaft pumps and complete electric motor and diesel engine driven pump systems to meet the exceptional demands of cleaning professionals and continuous cycle CIP factory installations.

Typical applications using high pressure water jetting techniques at pressures up to 3000 bar include tube and pipe cleaning, internal and external drill pipe de-scaling, paint booth grid and fixture cleaning, concrete hydro-demolition, rust and scale removal, IBC and reactor vessel cleaning, abrasive/water jet cutting and many others too numerous to mention.

In addition to bespoke system designs URACA also produces a range of standard stationary and mobile products, including the hugely impressive new generation JETPOWER with exceptional power to weight ratio and performance flexibility.

For producing optimal results with high pressure water jetting techniques, URACA produces a complementary and comprehensive range of cleaning tools and accessories for all manner of applications:

• Floor cleaners and tube cleaning devices
• High pressure spray guns with extensive accessories
• Special nozzle programs
• Complete equipment range for heat exchanger cleaning
• Semi-automated internal and external pipe cleaning

For cleaning vessels inside, URACA offers highly efficient tank cleaning heads with various different positioning devices for economic cleaning of autoclaves, spray towers, IBC’s etc.

The comprehensive URACA Technology Centre offers the advantage of prior cleaning tests to define the optimal performance parameters and cleaning techniques for the clients specific cleaning task.

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