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If you get too hot at work, or in other situations, this can be the perfect solution! Avoid dehydration, headache or even heat stress. Feel good and perform your best!

Cooling Vest Ultra is the flagship in the Cooling Vest family and has an extremely good functional performance, but there are also other vests available. Flame retardant and in simpler designs are examples worth mentioning.

Here is a link directly to a VIDEO that explains how the Vest with TEMPTECH Technology works. Take a look, it’s amazing!

Our digital catalog for our Cooling products can be viewed here. It works on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Good fitting is important! If a garment fits well, it’s enjoyable and in the case of Cooling Vests, it’s important for the cooling effect. This have been achieved through a number of smart features like:

• Adjustable elastics on the sides – gives good adjustment options.

• Elastic fabric – comfortable and well fitting!

• Additional comfort as the materials have unique characteristics for transporting and evaporating moisture!

And not forgetting:

• The unique TEMPTECH technology does NOT require any electrical hook up or strange chemicals! Not even for recharging!

• Use it over and over again! Properly maintained and used, we guarantee 1000 charging cycles!

The vest is available in two sizes – XS/M and L/2XL. The large Vest comes with extra extensions for further adjustments.

There are also pictures and information on the TST website, just click here.

For more information contact Jetting Systems Ltd sales@jettingsystems.co.uk on 01725 514873, your authorised TST dealer.

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