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Reactor Vessel Cleaning

Ensuring Efficiency of the Production Process

In all plants within the chemical and petrochemical industries and the plastics and pharmaceutical industries, tanks and reactor vessels must be cleaned.

Reactors, autoclaves, agitator vessels and tanks have to be freed of the most varied of residues and incrustations to ensure efficiency of the production process and prevention of product cross – contamination as well as contamination from the cleaning products themselves. By thoroughly cleaning the vessels with water alone the Jetting Systems approach helps ensure the quality of product while saving you money both on chemical disposal and by improving your productivity.

Today, the cost and disposal issues related to the use of aggressive chemicals and solvents to remove contamination, has seen a huge increase in the use of high-pressure water as a cleaning tool.

At the Forefront of High-Pressure Water Jet Tank Cleaning

URACA has been at the forefront of high-pressure water jet tank cleaning technology for over 40 years, and the new generation of TWK tank cleaning heads and positioning devices ensure even faster cleaning cycles and reduced downtime.

Several combinations of pump sizes and positioning devices enable operations to be carried out manually, semi-automatically or fully automatic. The use of permanent mounted installations with process controlled cycle selection, permits several vessels to be treated sequentially at the push of a button.

Reel systems are particularly suitable for vessels with several vertical cleaning positions in cramped environments, due to their compact construction and choice of mounting positions to suit local conditions.

ATEX, Gas tight and Pressure tight variations are also available to enable process-integrated cleaning without prior evacuation of the vessel and for dealing with dangerous chemicals or materials including ones with explosive properties.

The range of options available to us allow us to pick the solution which matches your needs the best, from a fully automated solution that can become a standard part of your production line to a manual cleaning solution. We can provide the complete package, including training, protective clothing, equipment and expertise to ensure that your production line stays clean, efficient and safe, all at the lowest cost to both you and the environment.

Not only does this save you money as you can spend less on cleaning, your more efficient production processes will save you materials or increase your output.

Reactor Vessels

Reactor Vessel

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