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About Jetting Systems

Standard and Bespoke High-Pressure Water Jet Cleaning Systems

Jetting Systems Ltd is a specialist supplier of standard and bespoke high-pressure water jet cleaning systems for Industry, with over 50 years experience in this field.

Our portfolio includes the OSPREY Runway Rubber Removal System, URACA high and ultra-high pressure water jetting systems for cleaning, cutting and hydrostatic pressure testing and TST water jet safety clothing.

Internationally Acclaimed

Our internationally acclaimed OSPREY runway rubber removal system incorporates the very latest in cleaning and waste recovery technology, ensuring airports are provided with a clean, dry and undamaged surface after treatment.

Launched in its original format in 1992 by system designer and now MD – Simon Carling, the OSPREY has since been subject to continuous development. Incorporating the very latest technological advancements has ensured that Jetting Systems remain at the forefront of rubber removal techniques within the aviation and transport industries.

Our quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 (certificate number 93330).

Appointed the Sole UK Representative for the URACA

In 2002 we were appointed the sole UK representative for the URACA range of industrial cleaning pumps and systems; in 2005 we were appointed UK representative for TST water jet, flame retardant and  body cooling safety clothing.

To accommodate the ever increasing demand for the unique OSPREY runway rubber removal system, we moved into a new assembly facility in summer 2011 of 3000 square metres.

Our water jetting systems use only clean, cold water without the addition of environmentally damaging additives. We actively encourage the use of personal protective clothing to minimize the risk of water jetting incidents.

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Runway Rubber Removal

Runway Rubber Cleaning

Removal of rubber deposits from airport runways using ultra high-pressure water and state of the art technology
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